TS Britta is a tall ship,  originally from Sweden,  now being restored in Wales, Great Britain.  The owner, Chris Wren, is developing a sail training organisation to teach all groups and ages, with various themed events and programmes throughout the year.

“TS Britta: a sailing not-for-profit for Secular and Christian adventure!” We hope our voyages including something of the following:-

    1. Friendship.
    2. Seamanship.
    3. Fellowship.
    4. Leadership
    5. Apprenticeship
    6. Companionship
    7. Craftsmanship
    8. Helmsmanship
    9. Discipleship
    10. Workmanship

“Transforming  Lives at Sea”

What is Sail Training?

Sail Training in general is a unique, life changing and transformative experience. It has the potential to empower and connect those who choose to take it on.
Sail-training is the opportunity to sail as a full member of the crew aboard a large sailing vessel. No experience is necessary as full training is given by fully qualified and experienced captain and crew.
The teamwork and camaraderie bring a unique experience where people get to know each other very quickly and deeply which leads to valuable sharing of life’s lessons.
Suitable for all ages and backgrounds. For the overstressed, miracles can occur!
Sail-training benefits all ages when one can leave the whole world behind building teamwork aboard. When together 24/7 we get to know one another very well very quickly. Trust builds so that the team can cope with anything thrown at them creating a great sense of achievement and feeling of invincibility!
Young people benefit from personal development, overcoming fears, gaining confidence and character building.
When people on board have had the time and space to rethink their lives, often they return home having decided to make major changes in their lives. They may then ‘live the dream’ they always wanted!