T/S Britta is currently docked in Porth Penrhyn in Bangor, North Wales for maintenance and refit.
There are a number of opportunities to get involved with the current work. If you’re interested in joining the project then please get in touch! No matter what your skill set is, there is always a way for willing people to get involved!
Owner of the boat, Captain Chris Wren, has been leading Sail Training programs for over 25 years, on multiple vessels all over the world. In more recent years Chris has also worked as a consultant, advising ship owners and managers on the set up of new sail-training missions.
Chris: “What I am really doing is team building to create relationships where trust is built to work closely together.”
A bit on Sail Training:
Can be for all individuals and groups. Anybody, any age, any background. It’s an amazing opportunity to sail as a full member of the crew aboard a large sailing vessel. No experience is necessary as full training is given by fully qualified and experienced captain and crew.