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The desire for exploration has been alive in humans for centuries; our inquisitive minds looking for answers. This bountiful world has so much to offer us, how can we not spend our life trying to see it all?

Exploration: The investigation of unknown regions.


The explorers of old were quite literally voyaging across unknown seas to far away lands yet to be discovered. It is thanks to their desires and ambitions that we now have so many means of traveling the world… It always amazes me to think how easily we humans adjust to the new ‘norms’ and how unconsciously we take them for granted… until they are taken away from us.


I’ve lost count of the amount of conversations I’ve had with people in the last few months, all-desperate to go away, see somewhere new, go on holiday or even just get out the house.


There are many positives that have come out of this pandemic and we are definitely giving a big old thumbs-up to how it has managed to ignite the explorer in all of us! Whether you are getting out on your daily walks and discovering new parts of the natural world that you didn’t know were right on your doorstep or planning your next adventure right down to the needle. We are all itching to get back out into this big beautiful world!


But exploration doesn’t have to be a big old voyage into the unknown, setting off at sunrise with a bag on your back and a compass in hand. An investigation into unknown regions can happen right where you stand, it’s a physical and mental process.

We all have ‘new lands’ to explore, new ‘norms’ to adjust to, old opportunities to morn the loss of and new ones to welcome into our horizons. As we ourselves continue the restoration of T/S Britta we are realising this very journey. Breaking her down to her component parts, salvaging and rehabilitating all we can from her original structure and re-building, reinforcing with new. We truly are exploring every nook and cranny of this sublime structure. Whilst she promises (much like the lifting of lockdown 2021) a whole new world to explore, just like the lifting of lockdown, she too has a long way to go….


But that hasn’t stopped the adventure beginning.


If there is anything we have leaned from this time, it’s that exploration is not just locational; it’s a state of mind. ‘Waiting’ for things to return to ‘normal’ while the world keeps turning and we are still living, will leave you feeling frustrated, impatient, longing for a better day… There is so much to explore right here, right now and whatever your adventure is we hope you learn and grow with it.

If you want to come and join us as we explore T/S Britta and journey to new horizons just get in touch and we can send you a volunteer application.


Never Stop Exploring


I love that whenever you look deep enough into the history of something it always comes back to music. 

When looking up the definition and history of the word Restoration it turns out, as with any restoration, it’s not as simple as one might think! 

Fronting the word is the prefix ‘Re’ which is originally the syllable used for the second tone of a diatonic scale, if you’re not sure what I mean by that just cast your mind back to that classic Julie Andrews film ‘The Sound Of Music” and it will all come flooding back (do re mi fa so la ti do). 

You know they believe singing predates speech, so truly, like birds, sound and singing would’ve been our first form of communication. Anyway, I digress…. Eventually this musical note was used for many different purposes including our prefix which means “again and again” so simply to indicate repetition.

 Then we are onto the word ‘Store’ which of course means a shop or establishment where merchandise is sold. But this word was taken from the Latin instaurāre “to repeat, start over, set up”. What jumps out at me is this emphasis on repetition which feels true to restoration in that we are redoing what has already been done, remaking what was already once made, reworking what used to be in perfect working order. 

Now we move to the end of the word; “ation” which is simply a suffix; indicating an action, process, state, condition or result. So we have this repetition or redoing (which to me feels like learning from the past) through to action and result. What a transcendent word!

As we embark on the restoration of this beautiful historic vessel T/S BRITTA we are without doubt learning: We are getting to know her inside out, finding out more and more as we go. She is, as I said ‘with any restoration’ a much bigger project than we had originally anticipated but the one thing in our hearts that is indisputable: She is and will most certainly be worth it.

Although the English Dictionary definition of restoration is: a return of something to a former, original, normal or unimpaired condition. The Biblical meaning took this definition a little further: “to receive back more than has been lost to the point where the final state is greater than the original condition”. 

As we take you with us on this journey, back through her voyages and the history of T/S BRITTA to her current state and location… As we share with you our blood, sweat and tears, our joys’, setbacks’ and breakthroughs’… As we restore this magnificent vessel and build her into the Sail Training, Eco Cargo carrying, Life Changing Seafaring treasure that is our vision for her, you will see that this definition reverberates deep into the hull of all that we are creating.

2020 was a crazy year for us all: We were stripped of everything that used to make us tick. Our lives were fully functioning one minute and the next we’re all locked inside with nowhere to go, nothing to do. Much like you, T/S Britta, currently docked in Bangor, Wales is itching to get back out there! However, when we are stripped of all that we know we get a moment to stop, a moment away from the crashing waves and deep seas of life and in that moment we can take stock… 

Then we can make a choice: How do we want to rebuild? There will be vital parts that must remain, like the engine, sails, wheel, maybe for you that’s your family, friends and loved ones who provide you with the vitals to keep going through the darkest storms. But as we restore our world and each of our own individual lives, we can learn from our mistakes, we can build on what we once were and we can choose, not to simply revert to our original state but to receive back more than we lost.

 Follow our restoration journey with T/S BRITTA and let’s simultaneously restore our worlds to greater than their original condition.

Written by Sian Cross

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