A collection of feedback and testimonials from participants on previous Sail Training programmes with Chris Wren.

Young people and teenagers say…

“The trip was indescribable. One of the best trips I’ve been on and would definitely go again. I’ve learned all the different parts of the boat. I’ve also learned how to work as a team and to be more open with others. I learned a lot of life skills. I also learned about safety on a boat and how to respond when there’s a man over board. I would consider sailing in the future where as before it would never have crossed my mind. The life skills that I have learned will help me when I am older. I wouldn’t have changed anything about the experience it was the chance of a lifetime.”

“For me the sailing trip was the best thing I’ve done in my life. It was great meeting new people from a different part of England. I learned that when you’re doing sailing you can’t do it by yourself, you need a helping hand. I learned about teamwork and personal development. This trip has changed my life because I feel that I can be more helpful to those about me. The experience was phenomenal and there is no way that it could be better.”            


“The sailing trip was exciting, fun and educating. We had to communicate with other people and ended up feeling like a big happy family. It was good doing to different places and discovering new things. We learned new terms associated with sailing and how to put up different types of sails. We learned how to sail a boat using the helm and how to cook and cater for a large number of people. We also learned how to associate, discover and accept behaviours in a new environment. I look forward to sailing again. I feel that I know how to associate with people and the trip has made me more comfortable about taking up risks. Overall the trip was perfect”


“The sailing trip was a great experience for me. I made new friends and went to places I have never been and possibly could have never been throughout my life. I learned how to mix well and liev with people I never met before. I learned how to tie knots (I thought that they were just weird ties before). I learned about different parts of the boat and about the Christian religion. Also I learned to cook and care for others. I have also learned to believe more in myself.”


A letter from the Head of Year of a UK grammar school


“Hi  – this news is really exciting…

I’ve run a report comparing behaviour and achievement points in the two terms before the trip and the 2 terms after the trip with the 5 students who were particularly vulnerable and at risk of either bullying or exclusion. And the story is amazing. A massive drop in bad behaviour for H and M. A significant drop for T (autistic student) also. Plus a huge increase in achievement points (rewarded for good work and effort) for all save one. All students can be seen to have benefitted hugely. With H, T and W the change is so dramatic that we really can claim that it was a life changing experience for them.


T is an autistic boy with complex difficulties significant behavioural problems.

H had been excluded on several occasions before the trip and was at risk from permanent exclusion.

W was a severe risk of failing school through bullying. There have been no bullying incidents since the trip.


Can I stress that the impact on these young people really has been amazing. The other 3 gained a huge amount also (though these were less at risk students).”

Feedback from Mediterranian based Sail Training programmes

“A truly wonderful experience, from setting off at Skiathos on Sunday until our return

it has been great. Highlights of the journey have been in seeing the natural beauty ofthe Greek islands. Skopolos is a great island much recommended. Friendships and Fellowship has been a great experience, I feel I have learnt a lot about people and

bonded. Our ship duties have been great and brought out the best in team work….The Genevieve has helped me (shown me/reminded me)

this life is an adventure to be enjoyed with all concerned.”