Our Mission

Who Are we?

We are a not-for-profit organisation run by an experienced captain operating the Tall Ship (T/S) Britta. The captain, Chris Wren, has spent some 26 years years working with Sail Training organisations that provide educational and adventure experiences of seafaring from a different age. T/S Britta is a 100ft converted Swedish trawler originally built in 1956 and can accommodate 5 staff and a crew of 26.

Sail Training has been established for many years as a means of giving mainly young people the experience and adventure of life at sea with all the challenges and life skills that brings. Established organisations exist to promote sail training, such as Sail Training International, who organise the Tall Ships Races, and ASTO, the umbrella organisation for sail training organisations in the UK.

Currently there are no sail training opportunities in North Wales and only one other in the whole of Wales. We aim to fill that gap. Read more about what Sail Training means for us.

What are our Aims?

  1. To preserve a beautiful historical ship for future generations
  2. To share the excitement of life at sea, the adventure of living aboard an historical ship
  3. To educate people in the crafts of seamanship, to help people towards Yachtmaster qualifications
  4. To enable those with physical or mental challenges to enjoy the same experiences as more able-bodied people

How will we achieve this?

We are using the generous assistance of a team of volunteers under supervision to carry out a lot of work in the refit. Major tasks are being done by professional shipwrights.

Once afloat we will have a programme of voyages as well as special themed events and taking part in festivals and races.